Sensei Ndlovu’s Website

Sensei Ndlovu , the Master multi-talented performer and teacher, multi-award winner,  ETDP registered Moderator,Assessor and Facilitator. Professional stunt  co-coordinator   and fight choreographer, dynamic actor and stunt performer, outstanding dance choreographer and sports model.

He is the Managing Director and founder of Dimensional Stunt School Pty Ltd. The 1st and only Accredited Stunt-Training Institution on the African continent, established in 2001.

Sensei is also the Founder and Chief Instructor of the unique and highly popular Kyoku-Shura RYTHMS- Acronym for (Rejuvenate –Yourself-Towards Healing –Mind and Spirit,    a modern Martial Arts form, established in 1996

Sensei Ndlovu has been called a master of movement, a hot stepper and “Empower-man”.

His groundbreaking achievements in the South African film and television industry reflect     a man of vision, determination and exceptional talent.

Welcome to my website

Favorite Movies


-Forrest Gump


-Good Will Hunting

-Mr. & Mrs. Smith

-The Hurt Locker

Favorite Books

-Life of Pi


-City of Bones

-Catching Fire

-The Hunger Games


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